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PAISTY JENNY gives modern rock an arena-style bite. Deep, rich guitar tones and dynamic vocals full of attitude drive the heartbeat of the Paisty Jenny vibe - a dirty rock band with something to say. Hinder, Shinedown and Seether are familiar comparisons, with the roots of Motley Crue and GNR.

From the heart of the Midwest, this Lincoln, Nebraska, powerhouse of Gregg Lee (Lead Vocals & Guitars), Stan Liberty (Lead Guitar & Back Vocals), Gabe Mathews (Bass & Back Vocals), and Tye Lovette (Drums & Back Vocals), has released four CD/EPs under the indie label “Direct Hit Records” since 2004.

“CRIMINAL”, the first single from Paisty Jenny’s spring 2013 sessions with multi-platinum producer Sylvia Massy (Tool, System of a Down, Sevendust) was released on Sept. 17, 2013.
The track was submitted to, and qualified for the 56th Grammy Awards in five categories.   The track is getting a growing number of spins on Active Rock radio, and is in syndication on 40+ stations on CRANKED UP LIVE.

Recently, Paisty Jenny signed with Altarboy Music (London & L.A.) for radio representation in the UK and in South America, as well as a sync-licensing agreement.

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Industry Quotes

KOZE - LEWISTON, ID (ACTIVE ROCK): "They [Paisty Jenny] were one vote away from beating Avenged Sevenfold last night [on the cagematch]."

Beau Hill (Interscope Records Founder) - "WOW, I certainly wasn't expecting this!! I got really inspired by this song. Gregg's vocal approach is very stylistic."

Sparky / APD-MD, KIBZ - "PAISTY JENNY brings their act to a global stage with their new release behind Gregg Lee's voice. Gregg is a great front man and has the backing band to complete the package."

Derrick Miller (Hardrock Haven) - "On top of all the emotional destruction, the song rocks like hell; it’s heavy, it chugs, and the hook on the chorus is brazenly mammoth."

KJLE - MUSKOGEE, OK (ACTIVE ROCK): "Downloaded it. Playing it, and love it!"

KGRR - DUBUQUE, IA (ACTIVE ROCK): "Another cool band I've never heard of! A really, really good sound!"

WBHB - HAGERSTOWN-CHAMBERSBURG, MD-PA (ACTIVE ROCK): "Paisty Jenny's 'Criminal' was a HIT IT this morning on 101.5 Bob Rocks' Sloppy Seconds!"


Current EP Release

EP Title: Head in a Haze
Release Date: December 2011
Label: Direct Hit Records
UPC: 884501625968
Head in a Haze Front Cover

Track Listing:
1. Anything
2. Back of Your Hand
3. Hypocrisy
4. Head in a Haze
5. Sad Songs
6. My Way Home

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  • Criminal - 2013 (Single)
  • Anything - 2012 (Single) #3 Most Added / #90 ACQB
  • Head in a Haze - 2011 (EP)
  • Spilling Mercury - 2009 (LP)
  • Detours - RED - 2006 (LP)
  • Detours - 2004 (EP)


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Current Single

Title:Criminal (WAV | MP3)
Release Date: September 17, 2013
Label: Direct Hit Records
UPC: 888174228822
Producers: Sylvia Massy (Tool, System of a Down, Sevendust) and Michael Beck (Paisty Jenny, Knights of the Abyss, Abigail Williams)

Criminal was submitted to, and qualified for the 56th Grammy Awards in the following categories.

  • Record of the Year
  • Song of the Year
  • Best New Artist
  • Best Rock Performance
  • Best Metal Performance
  • Best Rock Song

CRIMINAL-COVER-WEB.jpg (14860 bytes)

Single Artwork   Download Hi-Res Image

Audio Downloads

"Criminal"  (WAV | MP3)  
"Anything"  (WAV | MP3)
"Anything - Beau Hill Mix" (WAV | MP3)
"Back of Your Hand"  (WAV | MP3)

Tour Dates

Paisty Jenny is currently booking dates supporting the release of CRIMINAL.



Live Video (audience with intro)

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Promotional Contacts

Direct Hit Records

Greg L. Votava

The Lafayette Agency
(540) 391-0628

Radio Promotion

Timothy Binder
New Ocean Media
Director of Radio Promotions
(323) 301-6436 (cell)
(800) 871-5814 x.3 (office voice mail)


Barry Lyons

Leon Luis
Altarboy Music
US/Mexico/Canada/UK/Europe/Latin America

Rodney Prosser

Altarboy Music

Ken Cavalier
Allure Media Entertainment, Inc.